Types of Plastics (F, M, N)


Fluoropolymers are inert to most chemicals and resistant to high temperatures. They also have low coefficients of friction and have superb dielectric properties. Therefore, fluoropolymers are used in electronics, as well as in pipe and in chemical processing equipment. It is also found in the non-stick coatings used for cookware.


Malamine-formaldehyde is used in many household goods, including dinnerware. This plastic is very easy to color and is very hard.

Nitrile Resins

Nitrile resins were first developed in the late 1960s. They are resistant to flavor, aroma, and the transmission of gas. Therefore, they are ideal for packaging.


Nylon first appeared in 1939 when its fiber was used in the production of nylon stockings. Nylon is found in more than just stockings, however, such as in electronics, automotive parts, and in packaging.

Types of Plastics
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