Types of Plastics

Styrene Acrylonitrile

Styrene Acrylonitrile is typically used in housewares an din the interior trim and instrument panels of automobiles.

Styrene Butadiene Latexes and Other Styrene Copolymers

Styrene Butadiene Latexes are commonly found in coatings, paints, and floor polishes.

Sulfone Polymers

Sulfone Polymers are found in automotive parts and electronics.

Thermoplastic Polyster (Saturated)

Thermoplastic Polyster compounds were introduced in the 1970s and are hard, crystalline, strong, and tough. They are commonly used in soda bottles, as well as in magnetic tape for video, audio, and computers. They are also used in X-ray film, strapping, labels, and packaging.

Unsaturated Polyester

Unsaturated Polyeters are very different from saturated thermoplastic polyester. These thermosets are found in fiberglass reinforced plastics and were first used in the United States during World War II. They are also used in fishing poles, luggage, and in electrical applications.


Developed in 1929, Urea-Formaldehyde is scratch resistant, chemical resistant, heat resistant, hard, and contains good electrical qualities. The molding compounds of Urea-Formaldehyde are used in rigid decorative and electrical products, while the liquid resins are used in laminates and in chemically resistant coatings.

Types of Plastics
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